Desarrollo proyectos – Diho
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Our work as a team, with the contribution of professionals from different disciplines, enables us to carry out comprehensive projects that pair architecture with interior design, perfectly.

In this way, we can supervise the entire development of a project. From the distribution of spaces, to the choice of materials, furniture or interior design.

All the while, our customers need only worry about sharing their concerns and needs with us.

At Diho Contract, we take care of everything. We make the space that you imagined become a reality, finished to perfection.


We advise you on how to achieve the perfect ambience for each room, taking into account the project’s characteristics.


We guide you throughout the entire construction process, looking after every detail.


We work with the leading brands in furniture, lighting and home décor accessories. We even develop tailor-made solutions

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Our construction/works department includes top-level professionals. We analyse each room to achieve the best results and finishes in tailor-made projects, that are adapted to the customer’s needs.

We make your establishment stand out from the competition and we also handle all technical issues.

From tenders or official documentation, to compliance with current architectural regulations.


We handle the installation of any type of furniture, coating and accessory, with full guarantee and professionalism, to achieve the best finish.


We look after every detail so that the finish is perfect. We pay attention to every finish and handle materials with great care so that they do not suffer any type of damage during the process. In addition, our projects are fully cleaned before hand over.

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At Diho Contract, we are committed to handing over the works completely finished and clean, with all administrative procedures completed. Ready to use, so you can start enjoying it from the moment we give you the keys.

We take care of all assembly and installation works, cleaning, licences and other administrative procedures so that you don’t have to worry about anything, aside from guiding us in this fascinating journey of building or renovating your space. We are as excited as you are.